The Derbyshire carpet & flooring company

Alternative Flooring refuses to be yet another characterless flooring brand. We are determined to be stand out, and be a beacon of creativity and interest.  Alternative Flooring is a brand people continue to be excited by.


Natural Carpets

Make an architectural statement with our extensive naturals collection.  Choose from seagrass, sisal, coir and jute.

Invite a world of monsoon-grown grasses, Goan beaches and coconut husks into your home. Natural flooring looks great, but its the feeling inside that really counts.


Full of natural goodness, coir comes crafted from Indian coconut husk fibres softened in sea water. Hearty and homely, rich and resilient, coir is husky, fibrous and tactile. Lay it wall-to-wall for a golden, multi-hued sense of wellbeing.


Hand-harvested from the tiliaceae plant and soft as Goan sand, jute's as natural and uplifting as golden sunshine. Soft and silken in tight bouclé or herringbone, it's ideal for relaxing rooms. Spread the serenity around like love and laughter.


Grown in coastal meadows on the banks of Vietnamese rivers, Seagrass is as textural and tropical as it gets. Effortlessly uplifting in relaxing rooms, seagrass weaves light into everyday life.


Sisal's serenity blows in like a breeze off the Mexican Gulf. versatile and hardwearing, it's ideal for halls and stairs. Chunky sisals glow with multi-hued depth. Fine sisal is intricate and softly tactile.
Make your home your most exotic destination yet.

Sisal Panama

Sisal Super Panama

Sisal Bubbleweave

Sisal Metallics

Sisal Basketweave

Sisal Malay

Sisal Hopscotch

Sisal Herringbone

Sisal Boucle

Sisal Super Boucle

Sisal Tweed

No Bother Sisal

No Bother Sisal Boucle

No Bother Sisal Super Boucle

Wool Carpets

Wool is as warm and welcoming as an open fire.

Wool is sophisticated.

Wool feels like home.

So pamper yourself.

Choose wool.

Chunky Wool

If joy were made out of wool, it would be a squidgy thick carpet with an all-natural chunky hug. Our snuggly knits keep you warm and baffle out sound. They welcome you like an embrace from a long-lost friend. Welcome home to wool.

Wool Croft

Wool Knot

Wool Tipple

Wool Speckle

Wool Sprinkle

Wool Boucle

Wool Pebble

Fine Wool

There's a fine wool carpet for everyone. Movie-star Iconic, loud and Rock 'n' Roll proud, demure and subtle, or smart and contemporary. Fine wool is the you that needs to be heard.

Wool Iconic Chevron

Wool Iconic Stripes

Wool Iconic Boucle

Wool Iconic Herringbone

Wool Romance

Wool Herringbone

Fine Lines Collection

Bold in striking stripes, Wool Blocstripe lays it all on the line. Dark sables dominate the room; olive, canvas and ochre stripes impose a quiet authority. Wool Blocstripe is the statement that's never misunderstood.

Wool Pinstripe is subtle and smart, cool and contemporary, yet warm and welcoming too. Choose from canvas, bone, moon, ochre and olive shades.
Each will co-ordinate beautifully with the ever popular Wool Cord and Braid.

Wool Blocstripe

Wool Pinstripe

Wool Cord

Rock 'n' Roll

Let your loud inner voice strut its stuff with rebellious Rock 'n' Roll. Texture and tone come through loud and clear as striking stripes shout the house down. Mix and match with Wool Romance for a delightful duet.

Barefoot Collection

We are 100% committed to making a difference and ensuring our planet stays healthy.
Hand-woven on traditional looms, our Barefoot carpets are made from 100% un-dyed wool and  woven onto a base of cotton, secured by latex.
The beauty of deep pile Barefoot carpets are that they are completely hand crafted and by the very nature of  hand made items, occasional irregularities in the weave may be present.

Barefoot Bikram

Barefoot Hatha

Barefoot Ashtanga

Barfoot Ashtanga Silk

Barefoot Marble

Barefoot Taj

Wool Crafty

Wool Crafty Hound

Wool Crafy Diamond

Wool Crafty Cross

Quirky B British Pattern and Design in Carpet

Everyone loves the pattern in our Quirky patterned runners. So it was a simple step to combine pattern and colour in a broadoom carpet. Quite simply, that's how Quirky B came about.
Made for you, these beautiful axminster carpets are made  in the UK to order. Delivery approximately 4 weeks.
After all, life is too short to live in dull spaces.

Quirky B Flowers of Thorpe

Quirky B Capello Shell

Quirky B Strawberry Meadow

Quirky B Felix Raison

Quirky B Fair Isle

Quirky B Shuttle

Quirky B Chainmail

Quirky B Daisy

Quirky B Zebo

Quirky B Geo

Quirky B Honeycomb

Quirky B Spotty

Quirky B Cube

Quirky B Tetra

Quirky B Lattice

Quirky Runners

Quirky by name and definitely quirky by nature, this fashionable British collection of  wilton carpet runners takes its cue from true Brit style. An on trend range of runners for stairs and hallways, packed with pattern, full of colour, designed with bravado and boasting a hip mix of styles - Dotty, Tess, Fling, Skinny and the gorgeous new Fair Isle Collection designed by Margo Selby.
The is carpet comes as a 69cm wide runner with a selvedge as standard. It can be joined together for rugs and wall to wall carpet.

Quirky Fair Isle by Margo Selby

Quirky Tess

Quirky Dotty

Quirky Fling

Quirky Skinny

Stripey Runners

Natural Fibre Runners

Plain Runners