The Derbyshire carpet & flooring company

Established in 1895 Victoria Carpets has grown to become one of Britain’s best-known and well respected carpet brands.

Manufacturing all types and qualities of tufted products, produced in wool, wool mix and man-made fibres which cover a wide selection of styles and price points, Victoria Carpets is also one of a few companies which still produces woven Wilton carpets.


Twist Carpets

Our Twist ranges cover all areas of the home, from bedrooms to the heaviest wearing areas

First Impression

First Impressions count and our Soft Touch collection is no exception to the rule. Our stunning range of 12 neutral shades, providing an attractive lustre free finish and warm cosy feel to any interior space.


The ultimate in family friendly flooring. Super tough, fade resistant, bleach cleanable and non-allergenic.

Options 288

This new collection of superb twist pile carpet is a mixture of both plains and heathers and in total offers 288 different combinations of carpet choices. Options 288 comes in a palette of 36 contemporary colours, can be ordered in 4 different weight; starting at 32oz and moving up to 40oz, 50oz, and 60oz and is available in both 4m and 5m widths. Made with a blend of wool and polypropylene, Options 288 combines the durability of modern fibres with all the resilience and softness of wool.

Options Splash

Introducing 21 colours to our highly successful Options range.
Our spectrum of colours grade from inviting soft shades and pastels through to deep rich tones and primaries.
Prestige quality, Options Splash is an 80% Wool / 20% Nylon blend providing all the comfort and integrity of wool with the added benefit of increased durability. As a 10th gauge carpet Splash is highly resilient and our exclusive LOC-weave® backing provides superior handling, crease resistance and is softer underfoot.
Available in 4m / 5m width.
Extra heavy domestic / General commercial.


With a pile weight of 50oz, a tog rating of 1.00 and manufactured using 2 ply yarns you can be guaranteed that Victoria Carpet’s NEW Radiance Collection will not only offer extra durability but also a luxurious feel. Radiance has been engineered to reduce premature tracking and shading which helps the carpet to withstand the test of time, teamed with it being mixture of wool and polypropylene (80/20) the tufted twist combines the softness of wool with modern fibres. Radiance is available in two widths, 4m & 5m, and comes with a palette of 20 complementary shades, each accordingly named after exquisite gemstones.


Understated opulence and a contemporary twist.
Soft and subtle yet highly durable and THE alternative to traditional wool and wool mix carpets.
Platinum and Premium qualities, 100% tex-LOC (polyester) 2 ply intelligent fibre, with 25% recycled plastic water bottles forming part of the yarn.
Superior handling & softer underfoot with our LOC-weave® backing. This 10th gauge carpet is highly durable and bleach cleanable.

Simply Heathers

This all heather range offers 12 subtly coloured heather in two weights (40oz - 1356gms 50oz- 1695gms) available in 4&5m widths. This practical range of carpets is simply excellent value for any busy home.


Inspired by the moorlands of Scotland, Strathmore represents nature through its colour palette of 12 heathered neutral colours and its Berber style texture. Made from a strong blend of 80% wool, 20% synthetic Strathmore offers you both durability and luxury and is available in 2 weights, 45oz and 55oz.


Aura, Victoria’s 50oz quality, Colour-LOC (PP) twist with a sensational infusion of colour and a distinctive super soft touch. The 2 ply yarn provides superior appearance retention, while being highly durable and a practical choice for any interior. Our exclusive LOC-weave® backing provides additional confidence in performance while being softer underfoot

Loop Carpets

If you are looking for style, Fashion and quality, look no further than our loop collection


Uncomplicated design, uncompromising style.
Create a sense of spaciousness with the natural, hard wearing, chunky loop structures in our range of exclusive shades.
Premium quality, 2 ply Parallel & 3 ply Contour, 100% Wool, enhanced colour clarity with superior handling & softer underfoot with our LOC-weave® backing.

Natural Co-ordinates

Are three ranges in one that co-ordinates in colour to give the consumer a great chioce. Cord which as eight natural modern colours in a tight loop which is smart and elegant, Rib in the same eight colours but a more textured design, and four co-ordinating broad stripes to complete this subtle package for any room in the modern or traditional home.

Rustic Jewels

With three designs to choose from, including Highlights, Harmony and Harlequin, Rustic Jewels offers customers extra durability with the added luxury of Wool. Made from a blend of 50%/50% Wool – Polypropylene Rustic Jewels consist of eight neutral on trend shades that are available in 5m and 4m widths.

Sisal Weave

This 100% wool pile is not only available in 5m and 4m widths but it has also seen 4 new colours added to the collection. Offering 10 colours to choose from this highly attractive versatile product will complement any modern or traditional interior.

Velvet Carpets

For sheer luxury and elegance, our velvet product suits the most discerning tastes

Royal Victoria

Add a little luxury, warmth and comfort to your home with the unequalled beauty and elegance of our Royal Victoria tufted velvet collection. 
This 10th gauge carpet boasts a lifetime warranty and thanks to our exclusive LOC-weave backing, is softer underfoot and highly resilient. 
Available in a palette of quintessential English shades and 2 exceptional qualities, Platinum and Premium. All the beauty of Wool with the durability of man-made fibres.

Vivacious Velvet

20 trendy elegant shades from the cool white of Spirit, to the rich copper tones of Siren and the blue-purple hues of Temptress.
The 10th gauge , 2 ply yarn provides a finer appearance and depth of colour making Vivacious Velvet the inspired choice. Hypo-allergenic, 40oz quality with Victoria’s exclusive LOC-weave® backing gives a softer feel underfoot, while providing resilience and durability.

Wilton Carpets

We pride ourselves in producing some of the finest Wilton carpets that are available. They are all a “Masterpiece in Weaving”.


Estrada a new addition to our cut and loop Wilton offer, with a multi height loop to add that extra texture , and a sophisticated pin stripe off tone which will give elegance to any room.

Executive Square

This attractive tone on tone cut and loop provides the discerning designer the opportunity to create an ambience that is simply unique.

Executive Tweed

A magnificent double density Wilton which combines superb quality and performance with subtle design. The way in which Executive Tweed has been created, other people can only envy.

Super Wyndham

It can take up to 200 man hours and 15 individual hand crafted operations to produce 100 square metres of Super Wyndham carpet. With more than 11 million tufts and 71 miles of jute backing in each roll, this carpet truly deserves its reputation as being one of the finest Wiltons being woven in Britain today.