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BerryAlloc is the new brand in floor and wall covering that replaces the former Berry Floor, Berry Wood and the Alloc brands. BerryAlloc is a powerful force and a global international player comprising :

  • High-Pressure Laminate
  • Laminate
  • Parquet
  • Vinyl planks
  • Walls


High-Pressure Laminate

BerryAlloc High-Pressure Laminate is the world's strongest and most durable laminate floor. Combining beautiful aesthetics and exceptional technical performance, BerryAlloc High-Pressure Laminate is suitable for use in high-traffic areas such as hotels, restaurants, shops, offices and yes, even airport terminals. Its unique high pressure surface offers customers a floor with guaranteed long-term performance and outstanding resistance to water, wear, fading and stains.

Grand Avenue

Our Grand Avenue range derives its extreme durability from its 0,6 mm-thick high pressure surface. That is twice as thick as conventional laminate floors. This means that all our High-Tech Laminate floors have unsurpassed wear resistance, allowing them to effortlessly pass the test of time. They are classified as the strongest laminate floors in the market and
are ideal for all residential and commercial projects.


BerryAlloc's Stone is a collection with an exciting and sophisticated design that gives any room a unique character. BerryAlloc Stone has a lifetime warranty for residential use – it will stay yours forever!


BerryAlloc is constantly developing and perfecting new technologies in laminate flooring and these are brought together in our Original Collection. It is the only product on the market that combines the strongest aluminium locking system with a high-pressure surface which is rated for use in high-traffic and high-end residential areas. On top, the Original range has a SilentSystem (sound-absorbing) underlay attached to the back of each plank. The core material is a AquaResist HDF board wich reduces the absorption of moisture to an absolute minimum.


Long planks, short planks and wide planks. Floors for Kitchens and Bathrooms as well as for your living room. Floors for restaurants, hotels, shops. Durable floors from the most modern to the timeless designs.


The herringbone pattern is a classic, which allows the flooring to stand out. It adds elegance and a classy touch to the décor to make the room more inviting. The versatility of herringbone floors allows them to be used in all sorts of spaces, decors and in combination with a lot of different styles. You can never go wrong with herringbone flooring.


Do you want to keep things restful? Then Serenity is something for you. Serenity is an extra silent laminate. By using an advanced acoustic top layer in vinyl, impact noise, in other words the sound that propagates between floors, is considerably reduced.
Furthermore, it is pleasant and soft to walk on a Serenity floor which means that footstep noises are drastically reduced.


Extra thick and extra strong laminate flooring.
This beautiful collection of 8 decors is highly scratch resistant and durable, in other words the perfect match for either residential and commercial spaces. It is equipped with the strong Best-Loc® X-treme locking system and has 4 subtle bevels which will surely add beauty and elegance to your floor.


The Elegance collection is made up of wide, thick and extra-long planks.
Since there are fewer planks, Elegance makes your interior appear more spacious. Furthermore, you also need to install fewer planks which means a faster result!


A collection of 20 decors : extra thick and an elegant bevel all around the plank. And of course combining beautiful aesthetics and exceptional technical performance. Outstanding resistance to wear and stains.


Narrow planks to obtain a parquet look.
In the Chic collection you will find an umbrella of planks with the look of a classic parquet floor that are narrower than our standard planks.
The colours in the Chic collection are brand new. The planks in the Chic collection have 4 elegant grooves, which gives the floor an authentic character.


Narrow planks to obtain a parquet look.
In the Urban collection you will find a large choice of planks with the look of a classic parquet floor that are narrower than our standard planks.
The colours in the Urban collection are brand new.
The Urban collection has no grooves: this gives a more modern look and makes your space appear to be larger.


Naturals - New, solid and fashionable
Outstanding quality and new, fashionable and fresh designs are what sets BerryAlloc apart from its competitors.


Loft - Big, bigger, biggest choice
Different types of wood such as beech, oak, teak, merbau, etc. The Loft collection stretches your imagination to its limits.
An extensive collection without bevels, which adds a pleasant and cosy touch to large surfaces. Furthermore, the entire Loft collection incorporates the ultrafast Best Loc X-Treme® system.


The Riviera collection is resistant to water and moisture. The extra treatment applied to the planks means that moisture doesn't stand a chance. So no more worrying about wet or dirty feet!. It also means that a spilt drink, a wet dog or fa falling fishbowl cannot cause any harm at all.


A nice trendy collection at a very attractive price.


Each plank of parquet is unique. When you invite it into your home, you bring a piece of the natural world inside, and you benefit from the best it has to offer : simple, clean lines, the basis for refined decorative styles and comfortable atmosphere.


Renovating or building your first home? An authentic wide plank wood floor is now more accessible than ever with the new Ambition collection. Consisting of 8 staggering designs, from denim blue over to snow white and ash grey.


When extreme sensations meet the depth of the shades.
Exceptional softness with SOFT TOUCH lacquer.


Three species of incomparable wood: Ash with its Nordic clarity, Sapele with its exotic reddish pattern as well as the unrivalled finesse of Walnut.


The authenticity of wood floors that have aged naturally.

Lodge XL


The ideal format for spacious areas and impressive settings. Extra wide and long single plank parquet!

Saga XL


The Noble range is enhanced by the highly resistant UltimTec® varnish.
Noble Classic single plank parquet is the ideal flooring for a high-quality interior design with a natural look.


An authentic single plank parquet with 2 elegant bevels. Different trendy oak colours.


A high quality 3 strip parquet with an extensive choice of oak. 3.3 mm wood layer.


The Majestic 3 strip collection offers you a real parquet with the optimum price and quality. 2.5 mm wood layer.
A range of exclusive and attractive parquets. And 100% Made in France.


Discover the Legend collection 'Oak and natural charm', a wide range of classical colours.


A trendy laminate with a 2 meter long board and fitted with Best Loc X-Treme.

Vinyl Planks


It has never been so easy to install your dreamfloor! You can click the planks together in any direction thanks to our unique 4 sided locking system. A dream come true!

DreamClick Pro

The better solution for commercial flooring.

DreamClick Pro combines extra high durability with a variety of designs to choose from, suited for both residential and commercial use. From fashionable shops, to hotel rooms, to the comfort of your own living room.

PURE Click

PURE Click vinyl planks and tiles can be installed much faster than any other floor:  The 360° Dreamclick locking system enables you to install your floor faster and with greater ease, anyone can do it! Thanks to our revolutionary RCB technology with its superb leveling properties you can install Pure click on almost any subfloor, without print-through of the tile joints! PURE absorbs noise to the max and is completely water proof, ideal for bathroom and kitchen!  The PURE collection is also available in XXL sizes  and has a lifetime guarantee for residential use! 

PURE Click 40 Standard

PURE Click 40 XXL

PURE Click 55 Standard

PURE Click 55 XXL

PURE Click 55 Stone (612 x 612)

PURE Click 55 Stone (612 x 306)


PureLoc Pro

PURE GlueDown

GlueDown vinyl planks offer you a beautiful and durable floor that can be installed in almost every room. You can choose out of a variety of beautiful wood and  tile designs and create your own unique floor pattern or even combine tile and wood designs for a beautiful effect. These glue down floors are 100 % waterproof, easy to clean, soft to the touch and also available in XXL sizes.

PURE GlueDown 55 Standard

PURE GlueDown 55 XXL

PURE GlueDown 55 Tiles (650 x 650)

PURE GlueDown 55 Tiles (650 x 325)


Functionality and design are paramount in our Podium Vinyl Planks ranges. Podium 30 was especially designed for residential and light commercial use and our Podium Pro 55 collection is perfectly suited for heavy commercial use. And our floors come in extra big sizes with the Podium XXL collection. The Podium collections are therefore perfect for every room, from your home to retail stores, hospitality and healthcare.

Podium 30

Podium Pro 55

Podium XXL